500 Calorie Home Workouts

These exercise routines range from 30-60 minutes excluding the warm-up. I've thumbnailed each routine with how long each one will take to suit your schedule. Make sure you follow the general warm-up routine on the main Workout page then follow one of the workouts I've created for you. Each Fitness routine will combine upper and lower body exercises which will create a great aesthetic appearance by toning your muscles and burning fat! If you want to get fit, lose weight and look your best then these home fitness routines are for you! Should you have any medical conditions or injuries then please seek medical advice before following any of the workouts!

500cal Home Workout 1

60 Minutes - 3 Rest Periods

Let's do this!

Home Workout 2

45 Minutes - 3 Rest Periods

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Home Workout 3

30 Minutes - No Rest Periods

Let's do this!

Workout request section

I hope you're keeping well, friend! This is your opportunity to contact me directly and request the kinds of workout videos you'd like to see. Whatever your fitness goals, feel free to request the workouts you want. I've been a personal trainer based in Liverpool and Wirral for 20 years. During this time, I've discovered a complete framework for professional people who live busy or stressful lives yet want to be in great shape and perform at their best. The fitness and diet industry have it completely wrong; the advice is to drop the calories and keep hitting the gym. Although this is true in principle, in the real world of human behaviour and busy lifestyles, it's a pretty poor approach. You need to master your Self-Discipline and integrate your goals with your lifestyle. Your strategy needs to be one that you can keep consistent with whilst also enjoying it. All of my Personal Training and Online Coaching programme's take you on this journey that delivers incredible results 100% guaranteed, so feel free to take a look at some of my programmes. If you're interested click here. To request a video, place your details below and comment on what you wish to see.

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