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If you're a professional individual who wants to achieve more but face the challenge of feeling overwhelmed, struggling to execute on your goals, and failing to be consistent then you're in the right place! Lewis Bailey's programmes will help you Form Your Success Identity, Discover Your True Potential, and Execute Your Unique Strategy towards ANY of your life goals.








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Are you getting tired of spinning your wheels, wanting to get somewhere but struggling to gain traction in your life? Instead of hating yourself for a lack of progress despite your best efforts, it's time to go deeper into who you really are and create the identity you need to be to achieve your goals. Once we shape your identity, its time to find your true potential so you can feel a sense of meaning and purpose behind what you do. Then finally, we need to create a strategy that fits with your identity so its feels like you are swimming with the current towards your goals instead of against it!... Let's go!

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Sarah Scully - Wealth Consultant

My body was a mess and my mind was even worse, after intense coaching with Lewis I've excelled in my career and gone from exercise novice to ranked 5th in the World  as a Bikini competitor

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With a collective 28 Years experience as a Personal Trainer, British Soldier, Business Executive and Amateur Athlete, I've documented A library useful principles, strategies and techniques to help busy professional people like you become more self-disciplined and focused so you can reach your full potential and reach your goals with ease!

Why you struggle to be Disciplined and Consistent

So, you've got this goal in your mind that you're excited about accomplishing. It could be getting fit, earning more money, building a business, getting a job promotion etc. Regardless, there is an inevitable journey of self-improvement that must be undertaken.

To take the next step forward in wanting more from out of our lives will require you to be disciplined and remain consistent. Of course, you already know this, but do you find you consistently (pun intended) take 3 steps forward, then a few weeks (or days) later, 3 steps back?

Despite your best efforts through reading the books and listening to the podcasts, you just struggle to find your groove to keep going for what you desire. So if this is you, keep reading. I have a tool you can use to help you unlock this!


Let’s quickly look at the difference between discipline and consistency:

Consistency – This repetition of a thing that leads to an outcome. You can be consistently good, bad, or average. Regardless, consistency is a constant of what is repeatedly done.  

Discipline – This is the art of doing what needs to be done whether you like it or not. It takes the bending of your will and pulls on your mental and physical energy. Discipline is where the hard work sits but where the transformation of you as an individual is made.


Here is a 4-step process that you can use immediately to break through the resistance holding you back and accelerate forward with significant momentum, should you use it!


Step 1 – Conflict of Identity & Values

If you’re moving through a goal journey that conflicts with your core values and identity, you'll feel invisible energy literally holding you back. You will know when you encounter this because there will be a deep unease about what you are doing. That unease is a signal telling you that something isn’t right.

To give you a quick example. Let’s say Mcdonald's suddenly called to ask me to promote their new Monster Mac that contained 2000 calories per burger, and they’d pay me £10m for it. Despite the obvious draw to the money, with financial freedom being one of my goals, I’d physically struggle to do this. I’d be awake a night thinking about my contribution to making the obesity epidemic worse. How could I look my clients or loved ones in the eye and explain the importance of being authentic and genuine to who you are? This would highlight that my goal conflicts with my values and identity.

Look to see what things you are doing to achieve your goals that aren't in alignment with who you are!


Step 2 – Lack of Clarity

You wouldn't believe why the seemingly smallest things can cause us such a problem in doing. However, when there are essential things to be done, regardless of how big or small, we can become stuck because we are either conscious or unconsciously aware of the overwhelming complexity of that thing.

Here's the good news, despite the horrendous thing we need to transit through, it's far more straightforward than your mind is projecting. The critical component is clarity. If you gain clarity by looking at the thing and breaking down all the required micro-steps, you'll discover that the following steps are relatively simple.

Look at that thing you keep putting off, stare at it in the face and break it down into tiny, very manageable chunks you can smash through one piece at a time.


Step 3 – Lack of excitement

This is huge! The journey you're on might feel like you're swimming upstream. Your progress is slow, and the effort you're putting in is taking up a lot of energy. This is heartbreaking material. Chasing that goal you deeply desire, but getting there is breaking you.

The critical thing you must consider here is that your goal has millions of different ways it can be achieved. Of course, we all want to get there in the fastest possible time, but fast routes are often paved with giant potholes constantly tripping you.

Instead of looking for a quick solution that will only work for some people, start studying a pathway (strategy) that can take which lights you up. There will be strategies that you can follow that will be really enjoyable for you.

An easy example is weight loss. An old client of mine wanted to lose weight but hated the gym and dieting, and she was tired of losing weight and gaining weight. For me, this was a simple fix. We discovered she loved tennis, so she joined a tennis club she went to 3 times a week. As she improved and got the tennis bug, she wanted to go to the gym to improve her fitness levels and strengthen her body to become a better player. So now she's playing tennis or improving her body to be better at tennis 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

She then changed her diet to improve her energy levels and perform better at tennis, but she did this by choosing the foods she enjoyed and giving her the best nutritional bang for buck. As a result, she lost a ton of weight, significantly improved her fitness levels, and, more importantly, loved what she was doing every day!


She changed her identity from the woman struggling to lose weight to an enthusiastic tennis player (with a body to match). This is precisely why you need to examine the process of your journey and find one that will pull you toward it rather than you trying to push for it. Doing this will feel like you're swimming downstream with the current pulling you toward your goal. Do this, and your days of swimming upstream are over.


Step 4 – Lost Motivation

Some people say motivation is nonsense because it ebbs and flows. Although there's an obvious truth, you can maintain your motivation if you have a profound, meaningful reason behind your goal.

If you don't have a powerful driving force under your goal, you will probably lose motivation more than you'll feel motivated. The driving force to keep you going is that deep visceral feeling of why these matter to you. If you examine your goal and search for why it matters, you'll start feeling a deep sense of unease whenever you veer off the course of your journey.

You want to aim to make your goal a visceral one that keeps signalling to you at any point you lose energy or focus. It will keep you excited on high-energy days and maintain momentum on low-energy days. Without these deep internal driving forces behind your goal, you'll soon run out of steam when your energy levels are low.

Look at your goal and start building all the deep internal reasons why these matter to you. You need to go deep and connect it to the most essential things in your life.


These 4 steps create a powerful self-improvement tool for you to use to help you smash your goals. If you want me to coach you through the process, then click on the relevant programme, and I'll personally help you find your true potential and get you travelling downstream towards the goals you desire. 



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