To help Time Poor Busy Professional people become Self-Disciplined Machines whilst creating a Fit, Lean, Healthy, and Strong Body, so they can Perform at their best in Life.


Based on the Wirral and Liverpool, Lewis Bailey is an expert Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Specialist helping Busy Professionals who are time-poor and wanting Transform their Body, Enhance their Self-Discipline whilst living their best Life.

Lewis's integrated mindset, body transformation and lifestyle coaching have proven successful for thousands of clients. By using cutting edge techniques in Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle. He 100% Guarantee's remarkable results for every client on his programme. His incredible transformation success makes him highly sought after by many top busy professionals looking for an expert to take them to the next level. 

As one of the UK’s premium specialists, his clients include high impact athletes, professional executives, and celebrities. Lewis has helped over 17,000 people transform and reach their potential through adopting a 3-Dimensional approach of mind, body and Life within all his programmes.

Lewis delivers home personal training to clients across Liverpool and Wirral, but his Online coaching provides incredible results to clients across the world!

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An advocator of Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek and Jordan Peterson for over 10 years, his mindset philosophies have helped thousands of people enhance their self-discipline so they can get Fit, Lean, Healthy, Strong and Perform at the Top of their Game in Life.

Lewis’s contagious passion for Health, Fitness, And Self-Discipline has led him to become an author, motivational speaker and people’s advisor to large organisations around the UK.

With his unique experience and education from world leading coaches, nutritionists and therapists, Lewis adopts the latest fitness technology to expand his scope and help more high-performance individuals achieve A FIT BODY, STRONG MIND AND DISCIPLINED LIFE.

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