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For the Female Executive needing High-Performance Under Pressure.

Warrior Fitness & Mindset Transformation Programme

A 3-Phase coaching programme. Discover who you are, Develop your Warrior within, and Live a High Performance Life.


Lewis Bailey High Performance Coach

If you're a female executive who wants a fit lean body and an unshakeable mindset but experience low energy, low self-confidence in a high pressure environment then you're in the right place! Lewis Bailey's warrior fitness & mindset coaching programme will help you Form a Warrior Identity, a Fit Lean Body, and live a High Performance Life.








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Women executives and entrepreneurs are navigating the fast-paced high-pressure corridors daily, facing the dual challenges of rapid innovation and relentless competition. Amidst this competitive battleground, mental fatigue, burnout, and diminished performance become all too common adversaries. Lewis Bailey’s Warrior Fitness and Mindset Programme is designed specifically for women like you! It's not just about physical prowess but mastering a resilient mindset that empowers you to lead with clarity, drive, and unyielding focus. Dive deep into a tailored solution that understands your unique challenges and offers transformative strategies to conquer them. The business world demands warriors, not just leaders. Are you ready to evolve?... Let's go!

Your Warrior Transformation Awaits You Here!

Sarah Scully - Wealth Consultant

My body was a mess and my mind was even worse, after intense coaching with Lewis I've excelled in my career and gone from exercise novice to ranked 5th in the World  as a Bikini competitor

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The Warrior Fitness & Mindset Transformation Formula

Discover You - Develop your Warrior within - Live a High-Performance Life

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With a collective 28 Years experience as a Personal Trainer, British Soldier, Business Executive and Amateur Athlete, I've documented A library of useful principles, strategies and techniques to help busy execs and business owners like you become more self-disciplined, focused, and resilient so you can deliver High Performance under pressure!

Discipline and Consistency

Discipline & Consistency: The Female Executive's Power Play in a High-pressure World

In the fast-paced realm of the corporate and business landscape, female executives and business owners are at the forefront, navigating an environment that demands swift decision-making and unwavering dedication. However, the foundation of true success isn't solely about the latest innovation or meeting deadlines; it's more deeply rooted in discipline and consistency.

As an experienced online coach specialising in the Warrior Fitness & Mindset Programme, I draw from diverse fields – encompassing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), rigorous fitness regimes, military discipline, and the challenges of being a hybrid athlete. The common thread binding these diverse areas is the power of consistent discipline, an essential trait for successful women leaders.

The Military Mindset & Female Leadership 

My military background has ingrained a crucial lesson: Discipline transcends mere rule-following. It's about an internal commitment to a bigger vision, consistently working towards long-term goals, irrespective of immediate challenges. For female executives and entrepreneurs in the corporate world, adopting this military mindset is pivotal. It encourages focusing on a 360 approach of long-term holistic objectives rather than being dragged by the next deadline.

Hybrid Athlete's Dedication: A Model for Women in Business

Being a hybrid athlete entails mastering multiple physical disciplines, requiring not only physical endurance but immense mental grit for consistency. Similarly, the business world, especially for female leaders, is akin to a multi-disciplined race. It involves managing teams, staying ahead of market trends, and delivering consistent results under pressure. Achieving mastery in diverse areas empowers female executives to not just thrive but dominate their fields. Adopting this hybrid vigour can significantly elevate your professional performance.

Harnessing NLP for Steadfast Leadership among Women Executives

Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers powerful tools for understanding and reshaping mental pathways. For female business leaders, NLP is instrumental in identifying patterns leading to inconsistency or procrastination. By mastering NLP techniques, women at the helm can rewire their thought processes to ensure that discipline becomes second nature, eliminating the struggle for consistency.

Physical Fitness: A Reflection of Mental Resilience for Female Leaders

Consistency in fitness is more than building physical strength; it's a daily commitment to personal goals. For executives, a regular fitness regime mirrors professional consistency. It's not the intensity of a single workout, but the regularity that shapes lasting results. In business, similarly, it's the sustained efforts that define long-term success, particularly for women in leadership.

In Conclusion: The Path to Unwavering Success for Female Executives

For female executives and business owners aiming to make a significant impact, discipline and consistency are not just options; they're necessities. The journey to mastering these virtues lies within – integrating NLP, the dedication to hybrid athleticism, the resilience of a military mindset, and the physical robustness from a consistent fitness regime. This comprehensive approach lays the groundwork for a path of unwavering success in the online business landscape.

Are you merely navigating the commercial terrain, or are you poised to lead it with unparalleled discipline and vision? Embrace the Warrior Fitness & Mindset Programme, and redefine your journey as a female executive.




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