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Private 1-2-1 Personal Training on The Wirral for just £199


If you want to get serious about losing fat, getting fit, and strong then this is certainly for you! 

Become a private face-to-face client with Expert Personal Trainer Lewis Bailey's Body Transformation Programme. What you get:

  • In-Person Personal Training
  • In-App video Training Programmes
  • Individual Nutrition plans
  • Full Consultation & Body Diagnostics 
  • Daily Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Online 8-Week Fit Physique Programme 


Get Fit, Lose Fat, & Build Muscle is exactly what this programme delivers to you! 

Transform your Physique and Mindset in just 8 weeks:

  • Get Fit through Advanced Heart Rate Training.
  • Drop Fat from Smart Nutrition Plans
  • Build Muscle through Scientifically Designed Strength Training
  • Strengthen your Mindset through Daily Coaching
  • Become A Fitter, Stronger, more Muscular Man through this programme!

Sarah Scully - Wealth Consultant

My body was a mess and my mind was even worse, after intense coaching with Lewis I've excelled in my career and gone from exercise novice to ranked 5th in the World  as a Bikini competitor

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Lewis Bailey Personal Trainer Wirral

If you're a serious individual on The Wirral who wants a Fit, Lean, Healthy, & Strong body but experience low energy and self-confidence, then you're in the right place! Lewis Bailey's personal training transformation programme will drastically change your body so you look good, feel great, and walk with confidence in Life.

Wirral's Leading Personal Trainer Delivering Excellence


Lewis's Body Transformation Programmes are not a cut-and-paste weight loss prescription you'll get from most trainers. He will build you a tailored programme based on your body goals and lifestyle circumstances. His programme includes:

  • Heart Rate Training - Get your heart and lungs fit & healthy
  • Fat Loss - Shaping your training & nutrition to get you lean
  • Strength Training - Tone your body and become strong
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme - Plan a way of living that complements your goals
  • Daily Coaching - Lewis will be with you daily through his mobile App. 


Embark on a journey of physical transformation with Lewis Bailey’s Body Transformation Programme! Catering to individuals who seek to improve their fitness, shed fat, and build strength, this programme is designed for the everyday person aspiring for a healthier, stronger self. At just £199 a month, it's a practical, affordable solution for those who want to make significant changes in their lives. Whether you're starting your fitness journey or looking to elevate it, this programme offers the right blend of fitness routines and strength training, tailored to your individual needs. Get ready to transform your body and mindset. Your path to a fitter, stronger you starts here!

Your Body Transformation Awaits You Here!





The Lewis Bailey Body Transformation Programme

Fit - Lean - Strong

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With a collective 28 Years experience as a Personal Trainer, British Soldier, Business Executive and Amateur Athlete, I've documented A library of useful principles, strategies and techniques to help you become more self-disciplined, focused, and resilient so you can get Fit, Lean, Healthy, and Strong!


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