NLP for Female Leaders: Foundations in Executive Coaching

In the dynamic landscape of corporate leadership, female executives are increasingly recognising the value of integrating NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) into their leadership toolkit. As an experienced NLP coach, personal trainer, and soldier with a background in hybrid athletics, I understand the transformative power of NLP in executive coaching, especially for women in leadership positions.


Over the last 18 years, I’ve conducted over 18,000 private 1-2-1 personal training and coaching sessions. 80% of my clientele have been female executives and business owners, all looking for the same things. They have all been in need of reducing stress and avoiding burnout, overcoming imposter syndrome, and boosting their self-belief so they can focus on their health and fitness, become more effective within their working life, and have more time and energy for their personal lives.


The use of NLP is one of the most effective components of my coaching programme to help women cut away their drag forces and reach their desired goals. I cover this extensively in Module 1 of my Warrior Fitness & Mindset coaching programme which you can find here... But for now, keep reading this short blog to see how NLP can help you! 



NLP: A Strategic Tool for Female Executives

NLP techniques offer a strategic advantage in the realm of female executive coaching. It's about mastering the language of the mind to align thoughts, words, and actions towards achieving professional excellence. A great starting point is to study your values to understand your boundaries and what matters to you. Once you've established your key values, you can then start to align your thoughts with your actions. This will give you a great sense of ease as you negotiate life because you will be acting in alignment with how you think in a meaningful way. What you think, say and do must all align, as people will trust you, and you will trust yourself... If you want to be known and seen as a serious individual in today's fast-paced, stress-filled world, use NLP.

The Scientific Backing of NLP in Leadership

Research in The "Journal of International Medical Research" (2017) and "Psychiatry Investigation" (2018) underscores NLP's positive impact on self-esteem and emotional well-being, which is crucial for women in executive roles. These findings reinforce the efficacy of NLP in leadership development. So, as you can see in the studies, it's not my opinion, it's a scientific fact this will help you!



Key NLP Strategies for Female Leadership Coaching


  1. Reframing Challenges: This NLP technique is pivotal in executive coaching for women, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and development. Reframing is briefly pressing the pause button when the world seems to be falling apart. You need to take a backward step, assess what is happening, and see where you can capitalise on your challenge. Remember, whenever there are problems (regardless of how bad) there are always solutions 
  2. Anchoring for Confidence: Particularly useful in overcoming imposter syndrome, a common issue among female leaders, anchoring fosters a sense of confidence during critical leadership moments. This is a strange one, but it works! I use this personally when I need to present to an audience. My anchor is a marker pen (strange, I know), but when I've delivered key speeches for organisations, I've held a marker pen in my right hand. This gives me a kinesthetic focal point that I can squeeze when I need to deliver an energetic presentation. That small but solid little tool in my hand gives me a feeling of comfort and strength. In future blogs, I will explore the depth of this phenomenon, but for today, find your anchor to help with your state. This can be anything from an object, clothing, or body position. Whatever works for you, use it!
  3. Rapport Building: Essential in executive leadership, NLP equips female executives with effective communication strategies to enhance influence and team dynamics. This one should be obvious, but for you to lead teams, you must create a sense of rapport. This ultimately creates group cohesion and a sense that you're all connected. When this happens, teams can be transformed from average to high performance within days!


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Female Executives

NLP addresses internal dialogues that contribute to imposter syndrome, prevalent among women in leadership. Visualisation and positive affirmations are key techniques in executive coaching for building lasting confidence. I've got some insightful studies on this, which I will share in Module 1 of my Warrior Coaching Programme. Visualisation and self-talk are key to breaking imposter syndrome and creating self-belief, which allows you to move forward with purpose and not be held back by your negative thoughts. 



Enhancing Decision-Making in Leadership

Decision-making is a critical aspect of female executive leadership. NLP training, as noted in "Frontiers in Psychology" (2019), can significantly improve cognitive agility and decision-making skills in high-pressure environments.


Integrating Physical Fitness into Executive Leadership Development

Drawing from my personal trainer and hybrid athlete expertise, I'm a huge advocate for physical fitness as a cornerstone in executive coaching for female leaders. A study in the "American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine" (2018) highlights regular exercise's mental and physical benefits, which is crucial for leadership resilience.

In my previous blog, 'Think like a Therapist, Operate like a Soldier, Perform like an Athlete', I discuss how physical fitness can integrate into professional executives' lifestyles to beat burnout, boost your energy, and get you smashing through your day with purpose... click here.

Another study conducted between October 2020 and January 2021 on the effects of exercise on cerebral blood flow and executive function among young adults found significant results. It was interesting to read that the intensity of the cardio exercise made a difference, with moderate-intensity continuous training being advantageous over High-Intensity cardio and weight training. So, if you’re all about lifting in the gym, I’d suggest putting your trainers on and running to improve your brain function greatly! If you want to geek out on this study, click this link to access it.




For female executives, NLP coaching is not just an add-on; it's a crucial component of effective leadership development. By embracing NLP strategies, female leaders can navigate the complexities of the corporate world with confidence and clarity.

Embark on your journey of transformation with the Warrior Fitness & Mindset coaching programme designed for the modern female leader… Click here


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