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In this article, I will introduce you to all the key areas that you're going to need to get fit, lose weight and be the best you can be from home! Despite my love for the gym, as a busy home and online personal trainer working from home or seeing clients at their homes, consistently going to the gym is a challenge, and the same goes for my busy clients.


With all my online personal training and home personal training clients exercising from home because they’re short on time, I’ve recreated effective programmes that deliver astonishing body transformation and fitness results all within your home. This article will provide you with the essential components I cover with my clients so you can start taking steps to get into the best shape of your life without having to step foot in the gym!




Here are the key topics you’re going to need to learn and the tools I’m going to give you today and in future articles:


Home Fitness & Exercise

In this section, I'll teach you how to exercise the right way to get the results you want for your body and fitness level. To accompany this, I’ll be giving you weekly Home Fitness Workouts to get you into great shape. 


Home Fitness Meals

You’re going to need to know how to cook meals that will taste great, build lean muscle, and burn off the fat. I will be providing you with all the information you need to know about the recipes inside my Home Fitness Kitchen Page.



Here, you will learn about different nutrients that will provide you with the biggest bang-for-buck on your fitness and/or weight loss journey, so you'll no longer need to guess or follow a diet and hope for the best. My nutrition pages provide you with a full-calorie calculator (coming soon). Along with this, there will be a complete guide on how to use them, information on how to create your perfect nutrition plan for your body, and all of this is accompanied by my Home Fitness Kitchen Recipes, saving you a great deal of time.



9 times out of 10, your lifestyle habits and behaviours stop you from losing weight and getting into excellent shape. In this section, and in the articles to follow, I'll show you how to set up your lifestyle and your environment so it fully complements your fitness, fat loss, and body transformation journey.   



Do you ever feel frustrated because you know how to do something, but you just don't seem to be able to do it? This is due to your Mindset and behaviours. Here I'll be showing you in detail how you can stop procrastination, kick out the bad habits, and enhance your self-discipline so you can make a remarkable body transformation and become the person you know you can be!



Being a Home personal Trainer Liverpool, my approach is always centred around helping my client save time by delivering the most effective strategies to help them lose weight and get fit as quickly as possible. So let's get started on each of the Home Fitness topics mentioned to help you begin your home weight loss and fitness journey.


Home Fitness & Exercise


To make incredible changes to your body at home, you're going to need a couple of pieces of fitness equipment and basic knowledge of how to use the kit to create the right stimulus on your body to produce the results you seek.

Firstly, here is a link to a previous article that discloses 3 pieces of essential equipment you’ll need to purchase so you can start your effective home fitness exercise journey. Click here to view the Home Fitness Equipment list.


Read through the article, point no.3 has an equipment list there for you. Start making affordable investments to set up a small environment at home where you can get that heart beating and those muscles burning!


Once you have those small but essential items, let's now consider what you need to do to create a stimulus that positively impacts your body transformation. In a future article, I will give you all the details on perfecting your exercise regime to get the results you want, but for today there are 3 critical things I want you to take away and start using in your new Home Fitness Workout Routine!



There are numerous ways to use equipment or even just your body weight to create intensity through the body giving you a good training effect. However, to keep it simple to start with, let’s focus on the critical 3:


Tempo – This is the speed at which you complete each repetition. There is a world of difference between 10 repetitions in 10 seconds and 10 repetitions in 60 seconds! The slower the repetition, the longer the muscles are under tension, which creates more intensity. If you only have access to light weights and want to increase the intensity of your Home Fitness Routines, then simply slow down each repetition, and this will work very well for toning those muscles creating a great aesthetic look. Just get ready to feel the burn!


Rest – The amount of rest you have between your exercise sets or circuits matters. Most people fail to push themselves when doing home exercise; once they get discomfort, they stop. It's in the discomfort where all the gold can be found, so start to explore reducing your rest periods and witness just how much more intensity is created when you don't rest as much! If you head over to my Home Fitness Workouts page, you'll see I have made routines that burn different amounts of calories by adopting this very principle.   


Volume – This is the workload done in a particular exercise session or across a complete programme. As an example, if your usual workout routine consisted of 10 exercises of 10 repetitions, then your total volume would be 100 reps in your workout routine. If you then decided to increase the repetitions of each exercise from 10-15, you've increased your exercise volume by 50 reps. Similarly to rest and tempo, exploring the total volume in a workout will significantly affect the workout intensity and the results you get from it.


Using your new exercise equipment, make a start on adjusting the way you exercise using the 3 essential variables I've given you.



Home Fitness Meals & Nutrition


You can find everything you need on my nutrition page to start setting up your ideal nutrition plan. You'll no longer have to blindly navigate once you understand the basics; just follow the simple steps I give you and use the recipes as a helpful guide to master your diet.


For today, I want to give you some strong principles regarding nutrition mastery. Firstly, you need to understand there's no such thing as the best diet as we are all different concerning our nutritional requirements, tastes, and lifestyles. However, despite the fact there's no such best diet, there are some excellent strategies and principles for you to follow that you'll get a lot of mileage out of.


Here are my Top 4 Principles of Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Weight Loss:


  • Taste – Your meals MUST taste great! Eating foods that you hate will end in misery, and after a couple of weeks, the diet will be over. Remember consistency wins, so make sure you select/create a diet that you enjoy the taste of.


  • High Protein – Regardless of your nutritional preference, protein should be a priority, especially if you're exercising. If you're vegan, this can be tricky, and you'll need to use vegan protein powders to supplement your diet. If you're Keto, then this can also be tricky as fat is the focal point for the diet so, to increase your protein intake and still remain in ketosis, you'll need to ensure you're exercising on a very regular basis. This will allow increased protein intake without kicking you out of ketosis. If you're like myself and more Paleo-based, you are all systems go with a high protein diet!!


  • Food quality – This is vital for diet mastery. You'll hear plenty of personal trainers and nutritionists saying it doesn't matter so long as the calories are low; well, that's complete nonsense as far as I'm concerned. The better the quality of foods, the more and better the nutrients. Good food quality is more bioavailable and interacts with your body better than junk, so give your body good stuff. With respect to calories, you'll find you consume far less when you eat more wholesome foods, and the thermal effect of these foods tends to be higher, meaning you'll burn up to 20% more calories merely through the digestion process.


  • Go Organic (when you can) – Studies show that organic is superior for the body and health. So not only are you doing yourself a favour by eating plants and animals that have been well cared for and don’t contain a ton of nasty chemicals, but you’re also supporting the environment and animal welfare… Something we all should be mindful of!





This is quite often where battles for body transformation are won and lost. Many people assume that doing 5 deliberate 30-minute exercise sessions a week with a good diet Monday – Friday is enough for them to relax and overindulge at the weekends. Unfortunately, if you're in that camp, I'm here to give you bad news… You're not doing enough!


I’m not saying you have to deprive yourself for the next 12 months; however, changes to your lifestyle will need to be made. Once you have a well-formulated exercise and nutrition plan, you need to ensure your lifestyle complements your efforts rather than impair them.


Let's use the example of going for a hike in your local hills on a Saturday morning. If you spent the morning enjoying a walk in the great outdoors for 4-6 hours, you'll find you'd burn approximately 2000 calories which is the equivalent of 4 hard 1hour workouts. By following your exercise and nutrition plan during the week and doing activities like this at the weekends, you've got a little room for flexibility.



Whatever you do at the weekends, remember that your activity levels are critical to your transformation. Look to reduce the things causing you harm, such as the fried breakfast in the morning followed by pizza, wine, and chocolate in the evening. Don't use the weekend as an excuse to do nothing but overindulge because you think you deserve it, instead get out and do something with your family, friends, partner etc.


Lifestyle can be very tricky to navigate as this involves the things that matter most to you, such as spending time with friends, family, and partners. Should existing social routines hinder your progress, you must negotiate your way through this. In my Fast Weight Loss Guide Book, I highlight this area and give you ideas on dealing with these scenarios.



For now, try to look at the significant social settings causing you a problem with your weight loss and fitness journey, then look to see what things can be flipped to complement your efforts. Finally, find the low hanging fruits that are easy to change and work on the bigger stuff over time.        




Last but certainly not least is your Mindset; in fact, it's probably the most essential thing to master if you want to get into the best shape of your life. In the articles to follow, I will take you through a journey of discovery to create a winning mindset to help you think the right way to achieve your health, fitness, and weight loss goals.


For now, allow me to share with you the need to adopt a powerful mindset and what it comprises

Of course, it's all good and well listening to the motivational speakers and reading the inspiring quotes on social media. Still, there's a big difference between being motivated for 2 minutes and being motivated for the time frame required to achieve your results.



Here's the deal. When wanting to achieve anything significant, you'll always face great challenges. When you face great challenges, you'll either recruit your self-discipline and resilience muscles to keep on going or, you'll simply stop and fail! It's your Mindset at this point that holds the key to success. I share the 6 critical components of a winning mindset in a previous article click here.


In summary, here are the 6 components you must start to embrace to ensure you achieve your fitness goals:


  • Philosophy & Principles – How you think is the operating system of your behaviours in life. A flawed operating system with defective principles means poor behaviours, leading to abysmal or no results!


  • Drive – This is the fire within you that burns on even the darkest of days. If your goal is not a magnificent obsession, then the second something knocks you off course, you'll struggle to return to your journey if you even bother at all. So making your goal something that you MUST do in your life because of its profound meaning and purpose set a North Star you can always keep travelling towards regardless of what happens along the way!


  • Courage – To keep self-discipline, you're going to need courage. Doing the things we don't like or want to do is often down to something we fear. This can be fear of social judgement because of what you're doing, the fear of failure or even the overwhelm of doing the required task pulls on your insecurities, stopping you from moving forward. If you want to smash through these inevitable hurdles, you're going to need courage!


  • Self-discipline – To achieve any goal in life, you're going to need to be consistent in doing the right things. To be consistent, you're going to need to be a disciplined individual. Self-discipline is the central trait required to achieve incredible body transformation, so be prepared to flex your discipline muscles. The art of self-discipline is getting stuff done whether you like it or not!


  • Focus – Failure to focus on the process you need to follow throughout your journey will end your journey. You need to focus on this digital world of distraction we now live in. Keeping one eye on the direction you're travelling in by reviewing your goals each day and then exploring the details of the tasks you must implement will take you where you want to go. You’ll see things differently and move much faster to great fitness and weight loss when you focus on what you’re doing and where you are going so, don’t skip over the small steps and get focused on what’s required of you!


  • Resilience – This relates to courage, but the difference between these two traits is resilience is your ability to bounce back from any setback. As Denzel Washington famously said in one of his powerful speeches, 'Get knocked 7 times then get up 8'. You will need resilience if you want to transform your body. You will almost certainly encounter setbacks along the way but what matters most is how you respond to them. Just because one of your tires is down doesn't mean you should go and slash the other 3. Take what comes your way, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Soon enough, you'll build incredible mental and physical resilience, and at that stage… Nothing can stop you!


To conclude


Changing your body and being the best version of yourself is difficult. It's going to take fundamental transformation, and it's my goal to help you as much as I possibly can through my articles and videos on this website. So use this website as a resource to find everything you need to make that transformational journey, and let's get you moving forward to achieve the body you want without even stepping foot in the gym!


Until next time

Keep healthy



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