To Lose Weight, You Must First Decide


Living on the Wirral provides endless opportunities for people wanting to Lose Fat, Get Fit, and become healthy & strong. As a Wirral personal trainer and Hybrid Athlete, I’ve seen this unique region of Merseyside provide an excellent backdrop for individuals who desire true body transformation. 

However, despite its undulating hills, valleys, sandy beaches, and fitness facilities, many people still need help to lose weight and get fit. A foundational problem is that Body Transformation isn’t just about physical exertion or diet plans; the crux of change lies in a pivotal moment – the decision to change.

Side note - If you want to learn more about why your exercise environment is vital for fat loss, then take a look at my other article here Environment for Fat Loss  

This article is a story based on a tapestry of determination and transformation, which revolves around my client Emma, who harnessed the power of decision to reshape her body and her entire life.


I will cover three critical aspects of making a decision to change that Emma implemented and what you need to consider when making that choice to get yourself in the best shape of your life.


The breakdown of this article:


  1. The Turning Point – my client, Emma
  2. Mindset for change
  3. Overcoming your obstacles
  4. Using accountability
  5. The Transformation



The Turning Point


My client Emma, a 35-year-old solicitor from Heswall, lived a life familiar to us all. Juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities, her health had slipped down her priorities. For years, her weight was a nagging concern, tucked away in the corners of her mind, resurfacing in the quiet moments of reflection or the frustrating afternoons of shopping for clothes.


Emma’s key struggle points:


  • Time – Long working hours and family commitments
  • Energy – After a full day taking care of career and family responsibilities, there was no energy for exercise or eating healthy
  • Knowledge – She had very little understanding of what she needed to do to lose Fat and keep healthy due to all the conflicting information on the internet.


It was during a brisk autumn walk along the Wirral Way that Emma had her epiphany. It wasn't triggered by a specific event but rather an accumulation of frustrating moments and realisations. She didn’t just want to lose weight; she wanted to become someone who prioritised her health and made decisions that aligned with this new identity and made her confident and proud of her body. This decision was her first step towards transformation.



The Mindset for Change


The journey was challenging. Emma faced the same struggles that deterred many from their weight loss goals. The temptation of comfort food, the initial discomfort of physical activity, being disciplined with time to exercise, and the ever-persistent voice of doubt. The difference this time, however, lay in her mindset.


Emma's choices began aligning with this new identity by deciding to be someone who values health. Each small decision – opting for a healthy meal, choosing a walk over a TV show – was a reinforcement of her new self.

Her decisions weren't just about losing weight; they were about being true to the person she had decided to become.


Question – Do you value your own health? Your actions in life will give you your true answer. If you consistently eat junk food, drink alcohol, and hardly exercise, then your health isn't your priority. If this is you, then start to look at what your life would be like if you were suddenly struck with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, or cancer. This is the reality waiting for us unless we address it!



Overcoming Obstacles


With its picturesque landscapes and warm community spirit, the Wirral offered Emma more than just a backdrop for her journey. She discovered that weight loss didn't necessarily require a gym membership or expensive equipment.


  • Outdoor Activities: Emma started with long walks along West Kirby Beach; gradually, she realised she could make that 45-minute walk into a jog and, before she knew it, transitioned to a run. The Wirral's coastline became her treadmill; the changing tides and the escapism from her busy life became her motivation.


  • Local Groups: Joining local walking and cycling groups added a social element to her exercise; however, this took too much of her family time. Instead, Emma and her family joined a hiking group on weekends, giving them a great social connection and precious family time.


  • Home Workouts: Emma had a light and heavy kettlebell hiding away and gathering dust in the garage. On one of her evening runs, she realised she had significantly more energy now she was fitter and decided to do a 45-minute kettlebell workout at home first thing in the morning before the usual school and work chaos.


  • Healthy Eating Habits: Utilising fresh produce from local markets like West Kirby and New Ferry farmers markets, Emma embraced cooking as a form of self-care, creating nutritious and delicious meals. Concerning eating habits, I've recently written an article on why 95% of diets fail click here to read



Question – What barriers stop you from losing weight and getting fit? Write them down and look to see what things you can easily do to overcome them. Make sure you make your solution easy, so you're more likely to do it. Think about the big stuff later.





Using Accountability


Emma had unwittingly started to blend cardio and strength training together. For more information on the importance of utilising different elements of Fitness, you can read my article here... What is Hybrid Fitness. Despite Emma's excellent progress, she realised she had several problems:


  1. Sustainability – She was concerned she wouldn't keep the discipline and fall off the wagon in a couple of months due to the degree of change.
  2. Knowledge – Emma was unsure if what she was doing was enough to give her the changes in her body she was after.
  3. Accountability – Emma realised there was no accountability to anyone who would ensure she was doing what she was supposed to do. Also, having someone to help support her when things weren't going her way.


At this point, Emma contacted me to help her achieve her weight loss, health and body transformation goals. After a consultation, Emma had a new energy and motivation for her journey as I provided the following to her:


  1. Long-term progressive programme
  2. Visualisation of the 12-month outcome and a strategy to get there
  3. Daily accountability coaching
  4. A nutrition plan suited to her taste and busy lifestyle


There’s plenty more I provided Emma on her journey, but these are the key points. Should you want to find out more about affordable 1-2-1 personal training on the Wirral click here for details


With a clear strategy, Emma now had a great degree of detail behind her exercise sessions that allowed her to focus on metrics of progress to give her evidence that she was moving forward. Along with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan, tiny wins give you incredible emotional feedback that you are getting better and moving towards your goal, which keeps you motivated throughout your journey.


Question – Are you being held accountable for your goal progress on a weekly/monthly basis? If you are unaware, the latest evidence concludes that people are 70% more likely to achieve their goals when held accountable by a coach, mentor, or other third-party individual.




The Transformation


Over the months, Emma's decision bore fruit. It wasn't just the pounds she lost, but the confidence she gained. She became more active with her kids, energetic at work, and engaged with her community. Her journey wasn't about reaching a number on the scale but becoming the person she decided to be.


Not only was she achieving great results, but more importantly, she had learnt how to make the change process enjoyable and sustainable. Thus, exercise was no longer a thing she had to do to get a result; it was now a way of life for her.


The Takeaway


Emma's story is a testament to the power of decision. In the weight loss and fitness journey, deciding who you want to be is the first and most crucial step. It's not just about the physical changes but about aligning your choices with your identity.

Whether it's through taking advantage of the Wirral's natural beauty or finding joy in cooking healthy meals, the path to weight loss is paved with decisions that reflect the best version of yourself.


Remember, to lose weight, you must first decide. Decide to be the person who values health, who embraces change, and who persistently pursues their goals. Your journey begins with a decision. What will yours be?


Until next time


Keep fit & healthy.






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