Why you NEED to Lose Fat, Get Fit, Strong & Healthy

One of the great things about living on The Wirral is you'll never be stuck for an opportunity to Get Fit, Lean, and Strong. As a personal trainer, biomechanics specialist, mindset coach, and British Army soldier, I’ve seen how this unique part of Merseyside provides an excellent backdrop for true body transformation.


Despite its undulating hills, scenic beaches, and excellent fitness facilities, many people still need help to achieve their fitness goals.


The key issues that most people face when on their fitness journey are the following:


  1. No knowledge or application of assessing their current fitness state
  2. A reluctance to track and measure their fitness and nutrition journey
  3. They have no long-term clear plan of how to accomplish their goals
  4. There’s no appreciation of how to implement a plan into their lifestyle


How I address Fitness, Fat Loss, And Strength


With my 20-plus years of experience and diverse background, I’ve trained hundreds of clients and participated in a good share of sports and different fitness genres. These unique experiences have allowed me to formulate a simple but effective approach for individuals who want to transform their bodies.



I’ve crafted a hybrid fitness method that combines in-person and online training to help clients stay accountable and achieve lasting results. Each client is assessed to create a benchmark, which is closely monitored throughout the duration to ensure you/they improve:


  • Increase VO2 Max: Enhance cardiovascular fitness (heart & lung efficiency).
  • Improve Posture: Identify and correct imbalances.
  • Assess Functional Movement: Ensure your muscles are working together efficiently.
  • Build Strength: Gain muscle and overall strength.
  • Measure Body Fat Composition: Track progress with skinfold callipers (lose fat & gain muscle)


My background as a British Army Soldier and Amateur Hybrid Athlete naturally forms a disciplined and scientific approach to helping you get Fit, Lose Fat, Stay Healthy and Strong by providing a structured yet flexible programme tailored to your needs.

So now you know where you might be going wrong and what I focus on in my programme, let’s look at why these components of your health and fitness are vital for your body transformation journey…

Why bother with Fitness, Strength and Body Composition?



  1. Low Body Fat & more muscle: Low body fat is not just about aesthetics; it's crucial for overall health. Excess body fat increases the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Question: Are you aware of your body fat percentage and how it impacts your health? If not, you need to find out!

  1. Healthy Heart and Lungs: Cardiovascular fitness, measured by VO2 max, is vital for a healthy heart and lungs. Improved cardiovascular health reduces chronic disease risk and enhances overall well-being.

Question: How often do you engage in activities that boost your heart and lung function?

  1. Strength for Longevity: Being strong is essential not only for aesthetics but also for longevity. Strength training improves bone density, muscle mass, and overall functional fitness, making daily tasks easier, reducing the risk of injuries, and prolonging your life.

Question: Are you incorporating strength training into your fitness routine?



Sarah’s Journey

Take my client Sarah, for example. A 40-year-old marketing executive from Hoylake, Sarah juggled a demanding job and family responsibilities, which often left her health as a secondary concern. Her turning point came during a stressful day at work when she realised how out of breath she was simply climbing the stairs.

Sarah faced several challenges:

  • Time: Long working hours and family commitments
  • Energy: Low energy for exercise or healthy eating
  • Knowledge: Confusion from conflicting online information

By joining my programme, Sarah learned to balance her commitments and make small but significant changes.


Initial Struggles

Sarah’s initial struggle was finding time for exercise. We started with realistic goals:

  • Short Walks: She began with 20-minute walks during her lunch breaks along Hoylake Beach.
  • Basic Home Workouts: Sarah began incorporating strength training into her routine using light dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.


Improving Cardiovascular Fitness


As Sarah's VO2 max improved, she noticed a significant increase in her energy levels. Her walks became jogs, and she eventually ran along the Wirral's scenic routes. This improvement in cardio fitness had profound impacts:

  • More Energy: Sarah felt more energetic throughout the day, making managing work and family life easier.
  • Better Mood: Regular cardiovascular exercise helped reduce her stress levels and improved her overall mood.


Losing Fat and Gaining Strength


Sarah’s journey included a comprehensive approach to losing fat and gaining strength:


  • Nutritional Guidance: We crafted an efficient nutrition plan that included the occasional trip to local farmers markets on the Wirral when she had time. This plan was easy to follow and suited her busy lifestyle… Speaking of nutrition, did you know 95% of diets fail? Check out my previous blog on this here.
  • Strength Training: As she became more comfortable with her workouts, we introduced heavier weights and more complex movements. This helped Sarah build muscle and increase her metabolic rate.

The Transformation


Sarah’s transformation wasn’t just physical. Here’s how different aspects of her life changed:


  • Confidence: Sarah's confidence soared with every pound she lost and every muscle she gained. She started to wear clothes she hadn't dared to wear in years and felt proud of her body.
  • Work Performance: Increased energy and reduced stress levels led to better focus and productivity at work. Sarah even got a promotion, partly attributed to her improved mental clarity and energy levels.
  • Family Life: Sarah’s new lifestyle had a ripple effect on her family. They started joining her for evening walks and adopted healthier eating habits, leading to a happier and more active family dynamic.


Overcoming Obstacles


Sarah’s journey was not without obstacles. Here’s how she overcame them:


  • Finding Time: By scheduling her workouts like essential meetings, Sarah ensured she made time for exercise.
  • Staying Motivated: Setting small, achievable goals helped Sarah stay motivated. Celebrating these small wins kept her focused on her long-term goals.
  • Dealing with Setbacks: Whenever Sarah faced a setback, like a busy week at work or a family emergency, she learned to be kind to herself and get back on track without feeling discouraged.


Question: What obstacles are stopping you from losing weight and getting fit? Write them down and look for easy solutions to overcome them. Making things easy will make it more likely you’ll do it. Start with easy wins and think about the more challenging stuff later.


The Power of Accountability


Sarah realised the importance of accountability. By working with me, she had:

  • A long-term progressive programme
  • A clear vision of her goals
  • Clear metrics for progress
  • Daily accountability coaching
  • A tailored nutrition plan


This support system kept her motivated and on track, leading to her incredible transformation.

Question: Do you have someone holding you accountable for your fitness goals? If not, consider how this could change your journey… I briefly mentioned the power of accountability in my previous blog, 'Wirral Weight Loss Journey.'


Your Transformation Awaits


Sarah’s story shows that transformation starts with a decision. Decide to be the person who values health, embraces change, and persistently pursues their goals.


So, stop using the scales as your metric for change; they won't serve you well. Stop turning up at the gym to try and burn a few calories doing exercise; you won't get much out of it. Start creating real metrics that move the needle toward changing your body: strength, Fitness, and Body Composition.


Thinking about starting?


In my private face-to-face sessions, we focus on personalised training, addressing specific needs, and tracking progress. Each session builds on the last, ensuring continuous improvement based on the metrics set out in your assessment.

You can see noticeable results by having clear metrics to assess your progress. Instead of looking at what the scales say, you’ll see your skin getting tighter as you lose fat recorded on the skin fold callipers.

Your body becomes more toned as you see the shape of your muscles and better strength levels. You witness better cardiovascular fitness and feel more energised because you are fitter.


Online Support


To keep you accountable, I provide:

  • Customised workout plans
  • Nutritional meal plans
  • Weekly check-ins via video call or messaging
  • Progress tracking through my app


Weekly or monthly In-Person Sessions

These sessions focus on personalised training, addressing specific needs, and tracking progress. Each session builds on the last, ensuring continuous improvement.


Join my programme and begin your journey to becoming Fit, Strong, Lean, and Healthy. Your transformation starts with a single decision. What will yours be?

Until next time,



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